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Gas Cooktops:


The Europeans call them a gas hob, gas cooker or a gas stovetop.  Australians know them simply as a gas cooktop.  But whatever name they go by, it`s fair to say that gas cooking has had a strong following for many years.  Gas cooktops allow the user to see and quickly control the heat being applied to the saucepan.


European appliance brand Teka offer a diverse range of gas cooktops.  Their stainless steel models are available in Australia with four and five burner options, with most including a large triple ring wok burner.  High grade stainless steel is used and depending on the model, have either enamelled steel pan supports or heavy duty cast iron pan support trivets and burner caps for strength and longevity.


Teka gas cooktops also incorporate a flame failure safety device which is built in to each burner.  Should the flame be extinguished by whatever means, this flame failure device will ensure the gas supply will be cut-off.  Auto ignition for each burner zone is also incorporated into each control knob and these are either located horizontally across the front of the gas cooktop or vertically down the right hand side of the gas cooktop. 


Appliance Sales Direct buys European Appliances direct from the manufacturer so you SAVE.  We have a wide selection of Teka gas cooktops for sale, with free metropolitan delivery to your door – Australia wide.