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  • Teka kitchen renovation

    We wanted to share with you the story and images of an Appliance Sales Direct client's renovation. They transformed their 1970's kitchen from brown, dark and dull to light, bright and fantastic.

    Helen & Bryan's kitchen renovation - featuring Teka Appliances.

    Before shot


    Helen & Bryan moved to Adelaide from Queensland 3 years ago and after renting for a few years decided to purchase a 1930’s bungalow in Colonel Light Gardens. Whilst the home was quite liveable, the 1970’s brown and cream kitchen had to go!  This was the impetus for a very substantial renovation which not only included a new kitchen but also involved 2 new bathrooms, dining, entertaining, laundry and outdoor entertaining areas as well as upgrades to the existing 4 bedrooms.

    Appliance Selection:

    Helen made several calls to Appliance Sales Direct (ASD) during the initial stages to discuss her expectations and to begin the process of comparison to other brands on the market.  Budget was a consideration but not the determining factor.  She wanted a self-cleaning oven and was pretty certain on using induction although she had not seen them in use.  Helen had been used to cooking on gas back home in QLD.  Those initial discussions also involved the potential of incorporating a compact appliance but the final selection would depend on the types of meals she would prepare.

    renovation-finished-right-angleASD proposed the HPL 870 pyrolytic oven and IRS 843 induction cooktop.  Helen had plenty of space to incorporate the large cooktop which also now doubles as a bit of a prep area.  The oven forms part of a small tower with the matching MCL 32 BIS combi-microwave sitting directly above.  Helen felt the combi-microwave offered slightly more useability than the combi-steam oven although the thought of more healthy cooking options meant that the final decision was not an easy one.  The black glass look of the Teka ovens and cooktop contrasted nicely with the clean white kitchen and stone benchtops.  On reflection the price also played a part as the final renovation was a fraction over budget – so the savings on the appliances we’re a bonus.


    Unlike Helen’s old kitchen which was dark and removed from the main entertaining area – the new design was very much open plan.  The kitchen includes a large walk-in pantry which has a sliding door to close off the view when not in use.  There is an island benchtop which is used solely for meal preparation and socialising.  This also allows for the kids to sit and eat around it and provides an unobstructed view to the living area and outdoor entertaining area.  Directly behind the island is the induction cooktop and wall ovens with plenty of cupboard storage.

    renovation-kitchen-complete-side-angleFlooring: ARC bamboo – Australiana / Benchtops: Essa stone – Nougat

    Cabinet makers: Kersbrook Kitchens / cabinetry colours: 2-pack ‘off-white’ & ‘Baye’

    Renovation designer: Barry Burley / Kitchen designer: Tammy Bray

    Builder: Goddard Constructions

    Are you happy with the design?

    "Yes, for the most part I’m very happy.  I just love my walk in pantry, there’s heaps of storage space and additional bench space for the little appliances such as coffee machine, toaster etc, so these can be left out all the time.  My induction cooktop is fantastic – I would never go back to gas!  The glass is so easy to keep clean but there’s just so much room, I can have plenty of things bubbling away.  I also like the fact that we chose not to have a sink in our island – it’s made that space a great little entertaining spot." - Helen

    What would you change?

    "We put a lot of time and thought into the design from the start and to be honest what was delivered is on the money.  Having lived with the kitchen for a number of months now there’s only a couple of things I would change.  One would be the splashback, glass splashbacks are never true to colour so I would probably go with plain white or go with some coloured tiles.  The other would be to place some extra down lights under the overhead cupboards.  This would give a more uniformed look with the rest of the kitchen and you can never have enough light when you’re cooking." - Helen

    We'd like to thank Helen & Bryan for sharing the amazing transformation of their kitchen and for choosing Appliance Sales Direct to supply their appliances.

  • Renovating your kitchen - find the ideal layout

    Whether it’s preparing a meal, chatting over a coffee with friends or throwing a party we often end up spending hours a day in our kitchens.  The decision to renovate your kitchen is a big one so you need to get it right.  If you're building a new home you pretty much have a blank canvass to work with but if you're renovating, existing structures may hamper your ideas.  An experienced architect will certainly take care of all the finer details but it's the functionality and flow of the kitchen that is important.

    Here are some kitchen layouts to consider that offer a blend of efficiency and user-friendliness depending on the space available.  You will see references below to the ‘Kitchen Triangle’ which is the work space joining the three most commonly used appliances in your kitchen - your sink, cooktop and refrigerator.  In designing your kitchen make sure that access to these areas are free of obstructions and the appliances are as close to each other as possible to reduce time backtracking.

    U shaped Kitchen U shaped Kitchen

    'U' shaped kitchen:

    The U-shaped design is a popular one because of its efficiency.  Providing you can incorporate generous bench space this kitchen design allows you to easily access the three main aspects of the work triangle – food preparation, cooking and cleaning.


    In lineKitchen In Line Kitchen

    In Line kitchen:

    This type of design is often used where space is limited such as an apartment or small unit.  Generally speaking all appliances are installed in a line across the main wall.  This becomes less efficient as the major appliances are often some distance from each other.  If you have to use this type of design give careful consideration to work triangle and location each appliance in a logical order where possible.



    L shaped kitchen L shaped kitchen

    'L' shaped kitchen:

    The L-shaped design has many advantages for both large and small kitchens. It only uses two walls which adds a very ‘open’ feel to the kitchen.  Designed correctly and with intelligent placement of the appliances you can access all major areas of the work triangle (sink, cooktop & fridge) within a few steps.  This layout also has the ability to reduce kitchen traffic and in larger kitchens allows for increased bench space making meal preparation much easier.



    Island Kitchen Island Kitchen

    Island Kitchen:

    Island benches bring a number of benefits to your kitchen but you ideally need to have some space to make them work best.  In small kitchens an island creates congestion whereas an open planned kitchen / dining area lets family and friends gather to eat or socialise with the island still providing some room ‘separation’.

    You can decide whether you want to use the island purely for food preparation and serving or have you sink or oven installed there so that you can be more involved with the family during the cooking and clean up process.  Designed and placed correctly an island benchtop will become a very functional addition to your kitchen.



    Galley Kitchen Galley Kitchen

    Galley Kitchen:

    Galley kitchens or  parallel kitchen deigsns are based around utilising two walls opposite each other.  They are highly efficient because you can locate all of the appliances within close proximity to each other.  In small spaces they can sometimes feel a little closed in and through traffic adds congestion but in medium to larger spaces they can be stylish and inviting.  Designed correctly you should have more than adequate space for meal preparation with plenty of cupbaord space for storage.  Consider the placement of lighting and windows to avoid the feeling of being closed in.

  • 7 things to consider when renovating your kitchen

    renovation-kitchen-planThe day pretty much starts and ends in the kitchen, from that early morning coffee to stacking the dishwasher at the end of a great meal.  We snack, cook, clean and socialize in the kitchen, so it's important to ensure your new kitchen is not only beautiful but that it is also functional.

    Here are 7 important tips you should not overlook.

    1. The kitchen triangle.

    Your sink, cooktop and fridge are the three most commonly used appliances in your kitchen.  Careful thought must be given to provide unobstructed access to these main areas.  Although dishwashers have reduced time spent washing up, the sink is still the area that will see most activity. Don't just settle for installing the sink right near existing plumbing when an experienced plumber may be able to relocate pipe work to accommodate a better location.  No matter what type of kitchen design you choose or whether it's a small or large kitchen, easy access to these three kitchen appliances must be maintained.

    2. Appliance selections.

    Buying kitchen appliances can be a minefield. There are literally hundreds of products to choose from but there are only a few brands in the world that are truly manufacturers in their own right. You should always look to select only those brands that are made by the company who’s name appears on the product. This is to ensure that your appliances are supported for many years to come. It might just be a function inquiry to get the most out of your appliance or you might need help one day with a repair. Trying to get technical and parts support for products which are sold under marketing brands can be very frustrating. Nothing worse than having a 5 year old oven that may need something fixed or replaced and finding out that the brand no longer exists or the company cannot access technical support.

    3. Ventilation

    Removing cooking odours and grease from your kitchen is critical.  Odours can linger and grease will quickly cover your new kitchen surfaces leaving everything sticky and lead to a cleaning nightmare.  Cheap rangehoods suck for all the wrong reasons and they're simply a waste of money and fixing this after the event will end up costing your more.  Whether you choose to make your rangehood a key visual component of your kitchen or whether you choose to hide them away in the form of a slideout or undermount rangehood this appliance is important.  Exhaust, noise, lighting and the size of your kitchen will determine the best rangehood for your new kitchen.

    4. Benchtop work space.

    How often do you say "I want more bench space"?  Small appliances like toasters, kettles, mixers and coffee machines are all things that we use daily and prefer to leave out for ease of use.  Then theres your food prep area, sink and cooktop placement to consider.  Island benches have helped increase useable floors pace in the kitchen but this is not always possible or desired as part of the design.  Other options could also be to look at your choice of kitchen appliances such as built-in coffee machines and built-in microwaves to free up your bench space.  Induction cooktops are flat and if protected with a tea towel or chopping board can be used for food preparation.

    5. Storage space.

    We invariably collect and store heaps of stuff in our kitchens.  Food, small appliances, crockery, cookware and of course junk!  Making sure you find a place for all of this to live as well as making it easily accessible can be a challenge.  Proper planning and thought will help minimize wasted space and ensure that the items most used are within arms reach.  Small kitchens can be a challenge so using upper wall space could be an option for storing larger items.  The area above the fridge too can often be used for lesser used items.  Slide out cupboard drawers means you can stack things like food, storage containers etc but still get easy access to them.  Corner cupboards can become clunky and potentially wasted storage.  Consider wedge shaped pullout drawers, they're really cool!

    6. Lighting.

    The last thing you want is a dark and uninviting kitchen.  You want your new kitchen to sparkle but it's really about seeing what your doing.  Whilst you may incorporate some general lighting making sure you have well lit work spaces is critical.  Consider small lighting under overhead cupboards as well as down lights over areas such as your sink and food prep areas.  Your cooktop too needs good lighting so choose a range hood that provides good exhaust as well as even lighting.  Many rangehoods now using halogen or LED lights and come in varied stylish designs.

    7. Cooking splash back.

    None of us like cleaning so think carefully about the areas around your oven and cooktop.  Expensive tiles, paint finishes, windows or window dressings are going to be subjected to steam, odour and grease.  Splash backs can still be stylish but make cleaning up much easier and they won't deteriorate over time. It's all about keeping your kitchen looking like new years down the track.

  • Teka to sponsor Real Madrid basketball

    Teka and Real Madrid A winning combination - Teka & the Real Madrid basketball team

    Teka recently (July 2014) signed a 3 year deal to sponsor the Real Madrid basketball team. This deal renews their association with Real Madrid which commenced with their 8 year sponsorship of the Real Madrid Football Club (1993 - 2001).

    If the past is anything to go by Teka and Real Madrid are a winning combination.  Together they have shared 15 titles.

    European cup winners European cup winners

    Football; 2 European Cups, 1 Intercontinential cup, 3 league titles, one Copa del Rey and 2 Copa de Espanas.

    Baketball: 1 European Cup, 1 Saporta Cup, 3 league titles and 1 Copa del Rey.

    Teka sponsor Real Madrid

    Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and Teka president Arturo Baldasano at the presentation of the agreement.

    You can read more on the Real Madrid website 


    The Teka group has a strong history of sporting sponsorship spanning over three decades.  Commencing with Racing Santander, the first soccer team to be sponsored by Teka and including Motocross (World championship & Teka Suzuki team), the Teka Pro Cycling Team, Rallies (such as Dakar) and of course, the Real Madrid Football Club.

  • Caring for your cookware

    Wash BergHOFF pans in warm soapy water Prolong the life of non-stick surfaces by cleaning your cookware correctly.

    Most quality cookware brands ensure their products are compatible with gas, electric (halogen) and of course induction cooktops.  They offer an enormous range of colours and styles with many using some type of non-stick finish to make life easier in the kitchen.  These non-stick finishes are generally quite durable but care needs to be taken to ensure the integrity of the finish is not damaged.

    Here are some tips to help enhance and maintain the qualities of the non-stick coating.

    1. Give your new cookware a good wash in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and then dry with a soft tea towel.
    2. Before you start cooking its best to ‘season’ the cookware which is similar to what you would do with a BBQ hotplate.  Heat the pan over a low heat and rub the non-stick surface with vegetable oil and allow the pan to cool.  You can do this several times wiping out as much oil with a soft paper towel each time.
    3. Always allow the oil to warm for a few minutes on a low to medium heat before adding your food.
    4. Never allow your pans to boil dry and never let them heat up for too long.
    5. It is never recommended to use metal utensils – always use wooden, silicone or nylon utensils and never cut food directly in the pan.
    6. Always let your pan cool before immersing it in water.  This stops any rapid contraction of the metal after being heated.
    7. Some non-stick coatings are dishwasher safe, but most recommend a simple hand wash in warm soapy water.  Do not use harsh cleaners such as metal or nylon scourers or abrasive detergents.  Dry your cookware immediately.
    8. Food that does become ‘stuck’ to the surface (and it will) as a result of cooking on high heat can easily be removed by covering the base of the pan with water and heating the water over a low heat to soak off the remains.
    9. Do not stack your pots and pans inside each other as this can scratch not only the non-stick surface but also scratch and dent the base.  In the case of a glass induction or electric cooktop, these dents could cause scratches on the cooktop surface which cannot be removed.  Never slide your pots and pans – always lift and carefully  place them on the cooking zone.

    Owning the right cookware to suit your cooking style is important and so is taking good care of it.

  • 5 reasons why you should be using a dishwasher

    Need convincing?  Here's our top 5 reasons why you should use a dishwasher

    Let me say right of the bat – dishwashers are not a luxury item.  Although this amazing appliance was first patented way back in 1886 by Josephine Cochrane of Shelbyvillle, Illinois, the past 120 years has seen manufacturers around the world finding ways to improve them.  So why the demand?  Well that’s an easy question to answer – no-one likes washing up, especially the kids!

     #1 - Save time & effort

    Sink full of dirty dishes Look familiar?

    Dishes pile up daily so why not let an appliance take care of the job? Dishwashers are quick and easy to load and unload - even the kids can do it.  A dishwasher could easily save you 30 minutes a day, that’s 3½ hours a week you can spend doing something you really like.

    #2 - Water & energy savings

    Save water use a dishwasher Dishwashers save water

    As a test at home fill your sink with 12 litres of water.  This small amount of water is what many dishwashers use to run a complete load.  Washing up by hand means you’re probably using more water than a dishwasher would.  Being a cold water connection the dishwasher heats the water to the precise temperature to run the wash and only heats the water needed.

     #3 - Cleaner dishes

    Cleaner dishes Cleaner dishes

    Dishes not only wash and clean better in a dishwasher it’s also more hygienic.  This is because the dishwasher heats the water to temperatures beyond what your hands could cope with in the sink. Combine this with the anti-bacterial properties of your powder and rinse aid and your dishes come out clean and dry every time. No more smelly washing up sponges or damp tea towels!

    Check out our range of Dominant eco-friendly cleaning products.

     #4 - A clean looking kitchen

    Keep it clean Dishes out of sight

    The last thing you want to come home to is a sink / bench full of dirty dishes.  It’s depressing to look at, they can smell, attract creepy crawlies and once all the food spills have dried on they’re harder to clean!  A dishwasher lets you stack the dishes out of sight as you use them and when they’re clean you stack them back in the cupboard – just like magic!

    #5 - Family time

    Spend time cooking not cleaning! Spend time cooking not cleaning!

    Food is such an enjoyable part of our daily lives.  Whether it’s the family meal or a big night of entertaining - the last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen cleaning up while everyone else is having a great time.  So don’t argue about whose turn it is to wash-up, enjoy your time with friends and family and let your dishwasher do the dirty work!

  • Channel 7 Sunrise prize winner

    Who doesn't want an oven that cleans itself?  Well, for Ian Allcroft from QLD all his Christmases have come at once.  He won our Channel 7 & Sunrise Advent Calendar prize of a Teka HPE 735 pyrolytic oven.  Ian, you can cook til your hearts content knowing we've taken the chore of oven cleaning off your hands for good!  Congratulations from ASD.




    If you'd like to own the same European made self cleaning oven that Ian has - click here to visit the product page

  • Rate My Pet Week 3

    Well done to Katrina from NSW, whose puppy appears to have found a new chew toy!  Katrina is the latest winner of a BergHOFF 11pc saucepan set valued at $700 as part of the Lifestyle Channels – Rate My Pet competition.  To enter simply click this link -




  • Hydroclean Ovens VS Standard Ovens

    No matter what oven you decide to buy, attention must first be given to how it will suit your cooking style.  Does it heat evenly and hold true to its temperature settings and does it provide the features you want to use- not fancy bells and whistles you won’t use.  The self-cleaning aspect of the oven is certainly a benefit, but it’s not necessarily for everyone.  Below is a brief comparison between standard and Hydroclean ovens.

    Hydroclean Ovens -

    Teka’s Hydroclean ovens are also self-cleaning ovens only they use steam rather than pyrolysis (elevated temperature) to clean your oven.  The Hydroclean process is a gentle yet effective method of cleaning your oven. There is a small concave section in the floor of these ovens and by pouring a small amount of water into this section of the oven, it is heated to 100°C and steam is created. This loosens grime and food spatter inside your oven making it easy to wipe out after the Hydroclean cycle. The Hydroclean process of self-cleaning ovens only take 24 minutes to run, so it’s a process that can be done regularly.  This of course depends on your cooking style and how often you use your oven, so you only need to run the cycle every 6-8 weeks to keep you oven looking like new. Hydroclean ovens, just like Pyrolytic ovens take the effort out of cleaning your oven and save you valuable time and don’t use harmful chemicals or create hazardous fumes.

    Standard Ovens -

    A standard oven will do pretty much everything a pyrolytic oven does except clean itself. They may be a little cheaper to buy and will more than likely still have cooking functions such as fan-forced, conventional, grill, bottom element etc.  They will also have digital display, timer functions, telescopic racks etc. but it is the self-cleaning aspect that is missing.  Oven cleaning products are expensive as well as potentially hazardous to your health – so care needs to be taken when cleaning your oven.  To keep your oven in good operating order, it should be cleaned regularly.

  • Rate My Pet competition winner

    Congrats to Ebony from NSW who won an 11pce BergHOFF saucepan set valued at $700.  Her cute…but rather awkward pet moment was voted this week’s Lifestyle Channel – Rate My Pet competition winner.  View other entries here -https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151755383988403&set=a.424210268402.194469.1280146



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